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Summer 2019 Summer 2019 (PDF 12 pages 2.45 MB)
From Activism to Outdoor Education: James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center at DeWitt Clinton High School | Message from EEAC Chairperson River DiLeo | Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly | Report on TEEP III Workshop 12/13/2018 | Book Buzz book review: The Street Beneath My Feet | DEP Student Art & Poetry 2019 entries | NYSOEA/EEAC Membership Swap | EEAC membership form
Summer 2018 Summer 2018 (PDF 12 pages 4.1 MB)
Teaching About Climate Change | Answer the Call to Help Steer EEAC, nominations due 9/7/2018 | Eco Heroes and Narwhals | NYC DOE 2018 Climate Summit | Notes on Teaching Climate Change | Climate Change Education Resources (classroom resources; articles and studies; organizations and other resources) | EEAC Visits the Hort Society's New Greenhouse | Programs offered by EEAC and member organizations: Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy; City Parks Foundation; NYC Outdoors! An Environmental Education Expo 12/6/2018; TEEP Workshop III 12/13/2018 | LessonE3 - Energy and the Environment | In Search of Earth's Secrets: A Pop-Up Science Encounter at Flushing Library 8/15-31/2018, at the Children's Library Discovery Center 9/7-14/2018 | NYSOEA 50th Annual Conference, Huguenot, NY 9/20-23/2018
Spring 2018 Spring 2018 (PDF 12 pages 2.6 MB)
NYC's School Gardens Are Growing! | Educator Make-and-Take, EEAC at The Horticultural Society Greenhouse 3/21/2018 | Sustainability: In for the long run | TEEP Update: Building Teacher's Capacity in Environmental and Sustainability Education workshop of 12/14/2017 | DSNY Zero Waste Schools Awards, contests deadline 5/11/2018 | DEP Education Programs: Wastewater Treatment and Food Waste-to-Energy Professional Development Workshop 3/28/2018; City that Drinks the Mountain Sky, mask and puppet theater 4/10/2018; Harbor Water Quality Teacher Workshop, May-June 2018 | DEP's 32nd Annual Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest, entries until 3/9/2018 | NYBG: Sample Compost Activity; Garden Maintenance | What to Compost? | SCONYC 40th Annual Conference 3/24/2018 | NYSMEA 39th Annual Conference 5/19/2018
Fall/Winter 2017-18 Fall/Winter 2017-18 (PDF 12 pages 2.3 MB)
The BioBus - Driving Science Education | The new members of the 2018 EEAC Steering Committee | River Works: Hudson River South Estuary Renewal Initiative | Education Resources: Explorable Places; New York City's Water Story: From Mountain Top to Tap Map; DEP's Online Education Modules; DEP's Weekly Pipeline; Additional Field Trips: Museum of the City of New York; Children's Museum of Manhattan; New York Hall of Science; Queens Museum | My Typical Day Water Use Calculator | Environmental Education Expo 12/12/2017 | Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) - Ignite Ecological and Social Change (apply by 2/28/2017)
Summer 2017 Summer 2017 (PDF 10 pages 2.5 MB)
Empowering Youth to Lead - 2017 Catskills Youth Leadership Climate Summit | Call for Nominations to the EEAC Steering Committee; Nomination Information | Visit to GrowNYC's Governors Island's Teaching Garden | EEAC fall events: Fungi with a Fun Gal 9/30/2017; Fall Migration Birding 10/21/2017; Urban Animal Adaptations 11/25/2017 | BCEQ Award to Judith Hutton | Book Buzz: Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt | Watershed Moments 2017 NYSOEA Annual Conference 10/26-29/2017 | Educational Green Roofs Conference 11/15/2017
Spring 2017 Spring 2017 (PDF 10 pages 3.7 MB)
Green Infrastructure Playgrounds: A Pollution Solution | Thank You Gail David | NY Sun Works - Teaching the Science of Sustainability | SCONYC 39th Annual Conference 4/8/2017 | 3rd Annual Earth Day Celebration, Children's Library Discovery Center, Queens Central Library | Watershed Forestry Institute for Teachers 7/23-7/27/2017 | Book Buzz: Braiding Sweetgrass | Watershed Moments 2017 NYSOEA Annual Conference 10/26-29/2017 | TEEP Update: Full-Time Paid Sustainability Project; Clearinghouse for Teachers
Fall 2016 Fall Winter 2016 (PDF 10 pages 4.1 MB)
CUSP, Climate & Urban Systems Partnership | EEAC Annual Meeting 11/16/2016 | Environmental Education Expo 11/29/2016 | EEAC and TEEP | Book Buzz: Wild Ones - Observing City Critters | Citizen Science and Climate Change - local projects: Nature's Notebook - National Phenology Network; Project BudBurst; The New York Phenology Project; The Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Journey North
Summer 2016 Summer/Fall 2016 (PDF 12 pages 4.4 MB)
Over the Horizon: The Birth of an Idea | EEAC Garden Tour & Meet and Greet 8/9/2016 | Thank You to Lenore Miller | The Nature Specialist: A Complete Guide to Programs and Activities by Lenore Miller | Dynamic H2O Exhibit at the Children's Museum of Manhattan | DEP's 30th Annual Art and Poetry Contest | Book Buzz: The Lowdown on the High Bridge | Water Use Calculation - Figure out how much water you use on average every day | New York City Watersheds Manual and Classroom Activity Package by GrowNYC | Sustainability Week NYC 5/23-5/27/2016 | Photo Gallery
Spring 2016 Spring 2016 (PDF 10 pages 2.6 MB)
Connections, Naturally! - DEC programs | One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City 3/23/2016 | We Like Mike! (Mike Zamm to retire from GrowNYC) | Passages: Ken Kowald | Twenty Years On The Horizon - Green Horizons | What do you envision for the future of EEAC? - take our survey | SCONYC 38th Annual Conference 4/16/2016 | Book Buzz - Poetry books for children: Water Sings Blue; "A World of Wonders: Geographic Travels in Verse and Rhyme;" Insectlopedia; UnBEElievable | Melville Award for Mary Leou | Lesson plan: Five Senses Poet-Tree
Fall/Winter 2015 Fall/Winter 2015/16 (PDF 10 pages 2.5 MB)
Building Wonder with ScrapKins | The ScrapKins releases new book, Junk Re-Thunk, on Earth Day 2016 | Book Buzz: Arnold's Green Adventure | Apply to the 2016 Earth Expeditions graduate courses by Miami University's Project Dragonfly | Green Design for Students Manual, by GrowNYC's Environmental Education Program | New York City Outdoors, an Environmental Education Expo 10/19/2015 | Lesson: Recycle Relay by NYSDEC Recycling Program | EEAC Annual Meeting 11/10/2015 | EEAC After Dark - nocturnal tour of Central Park | TreesCount! 2015
Summer 2015 Summer 2015 (PDF 9 pages 7.3 MB)
GrowNYC's Environmental Education Program | From NYC DEP: NYC Upstate Watershed Tour; A New York City Water Cycle Rain Dance | Solar One - NYC's Green Energy, Arts and Education Center | Sustainability Summit 7/24/2015, hosted by DOE Office of Sustainability | Summer Resources: SunWise UV Index app by the EPA; Antarctic Edge 70° South documentary; and a few books on sharks
Winter-Spring 2015 Winter-Spring 2015 (PDF 12 pages 1 MB)
40th Anniversary Issue - A Brief History of EEAC Within the Context of the Development of Environmental Education in NYC | Meet Our New Steering Committee Members | EEAC and the Next 40 Years | Ideas From Attendees at the 40th Anniversary Celebration | SCONYC 37th Annual Conference 3/28/2015 | Book Buzz: Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian | Helen Ross Russell 1915-2014
Fall 2014 Fall 2014 (PDF 8 pages 1.2 MB)
PoLAR Climate Change Education Partnership: Connecting People with the Poles | EEAC's 40th Anniversary Celebration 11/18/2014 | City that Drinks the Mountain Sky - Learn about the New York City water supply system as told through mask and puppet theater 10/24/2014 | New York City Outdoors! An Environmental Education Expo 10/15/2014 | Citizen Science | Green Horizons 10/17/2014
Summer 2014 Summer 2014 (PDF 10 pages 2.9 MB)
NYC DEP's 28th Annual Water Resources Art & Poetry Contest | Green Horizons 10/16/2014 | Book Buzz (print & digital): Pollination2Plate app; Pick the Pollinator; BeeSmart Pollinator Gardener app; "The Reason for a Flower: A Book About Flowers, Pollen, and Seeds;" "The Clover & the Bee: A Book of Pollination;" The Honey Makers | Reports From the Field: The Wallerstein Collaborative; The River Project (TRP); NWF program opportunities; The Horticultural Society of NY and Queens Library's Children's Library Discovery Center | E[Edible Academy] lesson topic: Seasonal Changes | Would You Like To Enjoy a Week, a Semester or a Summer Course in Costa Rica?
Spring 2014 Winter/Spring 2014 (PDF 10 pages 2.2 MB)
New York City Department of Education (DOE) Office of Sustainability | NYU Opens a New Science Education and Research Center | Terry Ippolito, Former EEAC Chair, Retires from EPA | National Wildlife Federation Young Reporters Announces Competition | Book Buzz (animal migration): "Time to Move;" "Awesome Oceans: Amazing Animal Journeys;" "The picture book, Bird, Butterfly, Eel" | Gowanus Canal Conservancy Starting School STEM Education Program | Flashbird (lesson plan and Flashbird observation sheet) | New York City Arbor Day - Free Trees Available | 2014 Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest + Machu Picchu | EEAC Happy Hour Fundraiser 3/6/2014
Winter 2013 Fall/Winter 2013 (PDF 8 pages 660 KB)
Mission Possible?? | NWF Eco-Schools in partnership with Gateway National Recreation Area and Jennifer Adams of Brooklyn College will be offering a PD on January 31st 2014, for High School teachers only | NYBG Predicting Tree Height (lesson plan) | EEAC Annual Meeting 11/13/2013
Summer 2013 Summer 2013 (PDF 8 pages 2.9 MB)
GLOBE NY Metro at Queens College | NYC Nature - A New and Wonderful Column in the Sunday NYTimes | Book Buzz: Nature Wars: The Incredible Story of How Wildlife Comebacks Turned Backyards into Battlegrounds | Pat Lockhart Makes the News AGAIN! | EEAC Tour of Brooklyn Grange 5/7/2013 | Teacher Environmental Education Preparation (TEEP): A Review and Progress Report
Winter-Spring 2013 Winter/Spring 2013 (PDF 8 pages 1.1 MB)
Gateway: A Place to Learn from Super-Storm Sandy | NYC DEP 27th Annual Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest 2013 | Book Buzz: Man Gave Names to All the Animals | High Rock Conservation Center--send in your experiences or stories | Event: Climate Change - Seeing the Forest for the Trees, at The Hort 3/7/2013
Fall 2012 Fall/Winter 2012-2013 (PDF 8 pages 935 KB)
City Parks Foundation | EE Resources: Project Budburst; Bill Hilton | Staten Island Teacher Wins Prestigious EPA Environmental Educators Presidential Award | Honored Guests Wash Up in Our Bluebelt | Book Buzz: Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life | News You Can Use: Reports from the Field--Journey South; Multicultural school gardens; Restoration-based education (RBE) | Green Horizons at NYBG 10/18/2012
Memorial Issue 2012 Special Memorial Issue, 2012 (PDF 8 pgs 1.1 MB)
Barry Weinbrom, April 2012
A Brilliant Day With Barry, When We Were Young -John C. Muir
"A Remembrance of Barry" by Joy Garland
"Barry Weinbrom: A Man of all Seasons" by Charles Monaco
"Barry" by Regina McCarthy
Special Program Newtown Creek 6/20/2012
Tour of the Highline 6/16/2012
Winter 2012 Winter 2012 (PDF 8 pages 384 KB)
Learn It, Grow It, Eat It | Book Buzz: "Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature;" "Dark Emperor and Other Poems of Night;" "City Dog, Country Frog" | Last Child on the Prairie | EE News & Resources: Multicultural EE Acknowledges the Diversity of Views/Values, Contributes to Solutions of Environment; Multicultural School Gardens Facilitate Learning about Language, Culture and Environment; New Classroom Action Guide Asks "What's On Your Fork?"; Virtual Library in Spanish | EEAC Annual Meeting Looks at School Gardens | Enliven Your Science Classroom - Celebrate Special Science Days/Weeks | Summer Scholarships for NYC Public School Teachers
Fall 2011 Fall 2011 (PDF 8 pages 567 KB)
The Green Design Lab: Smarter Students, Sustainable Schools | EE Resources: Toolkit for Teachers to Facilitate an Air Quality Workshop; New Web GISs for Investigating Energy; Another Blog: Learning Network from the New York Times | Book Buzz: Rock Bottom; Nature in the Neighborhood; How Things Work in the Yard; My Baby Blue Jays | Garden-to-Classroom Learning | Tour of the High Line on 10/29/2011
Spring 2011 Spring/Summer 2011 (PDF 8 pages 412 KB)
Microorganisms and the Environment | Make Earth Day Everyday - Fun Summer Green Projects for Everyone: Project BudBurst, Firefly Watch, Project PigeonWatch, Spider WebWatch, Milkweed and Nectar Plant Phenology Project, Great Pollinator Project | Book Buzz: Anthill | EE Resources - Helpful Blogs & RSS | Jamaica Bay Education Resource Directory
EE News: Skype's New Teacher Network; The 95 Percent Solution | Lesson plan: New York City Water Supply - Activity 4: I Spy Water
Winter 2011 Winter/Spring 2011 (PDF 8 pages 1.3 MB)
Central Park Zoo: Connecting People to Wild Nature | Make Earth Day Everyday: New Year's resolutions | Book Buzz: Sleigh Bells in Springtime: Frogs Calling | The Audubon Camp in Maine | EE News: NYS Environmental Literacy Committee Update | EE Resources: EELinked communities from NAAEE; EE Week 2011: April 10-16, 2011; New Forest Web Resources from US Forest Service | United Nations Launches International Year of Forests in 2011 | Oil Spill Clean-Up Simulation | NYC DEP announces 25th Annual NYC Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest K-12
Fall 2010 Fall/Winter 2010 (PDF 10 pages 519 KB)
The Garden of Dreams: Growing the Impact of Environmental Education | EEAC Annual Meeting 11/17/10 at Central Park Zoo | Book Buzz: Golden Flowers of the Sun: Dandelion | News—A Recap on NAAEE International Conference in Buffalo, NY | Resources & Activities - UN Year of Forests 2011 | Lesson plan: Environmental Exchange Box—International Year of Forests; Reading Connections: Forests For All; A Walk in the Deciduous Forest (Biomes of North America); The Tree Farmer; Blue and Beautiful Planet Earth Our Home; Tulip Sees America; The Forest Where Ashley Lives | TEEP Goes to Buffalo | Scholarship Awardee Profile: Christine Coughlin, Ph.D. Science Education, NYU
Summer 2010 Summer 2010 (PDF 8 pages 1.8 MB)
Nature's Turn: Schoolhouse Gardens | EEAC Resources: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Edition | Book Review: Beatrix | Field Reports: Green Horizons; Staten Island Science Education Association-SISEA; NAAEE/NYSOEA | What's the Buzz about Citizen Science? | EEAC Activity, The Bronx River Stewards, Hudson River Lesson Plans | Golden Flowers of the Sun: Dandelion, a new book by Helen Ross Russell | Free NYSERDA Workshops for Educators, 8/11-12/2010
Spring/Summer 2010 Spring/Summer 2010 (PDF 8 pages 1 MB)
The Environmental Science and Engineering Program at Brooklyn Technical High School | New Visitor Center at Newtown Creek | Book Buzz: Remarkable Creatures | EE News: NAAEE 39th Annual Conference; Project Learning Tree introduces a new early childhood curriculum; In NYS, Early Childhood workshops | Lesson plan: Saving Water Every Day | Rose Blaustein, Environmental Educator, Friend and Mentor
Spring 2010 Spring 2010 (PDF 8 pages 564 KB)
Environmental Education at EPA | EEAC Member Vandra Thorburn's New Composting Service, Vokashi, Wins Award | Book Buzz: Wilderness Warrior | EE News... NYC: DOE's After School Professional Development Program; NYS: TEEP meeting at the North American EE Association/NYSOEA conference in Buffalo 9/29/10 | Arbor Day 4/30/10 | Green Horizons at BBG 10/14/10 | Environmental Literacy Initiative in NYS | TEEP, Moving Forward | Build a Bug (lesson plan)
Winter 2009 Winter 2009 (PDF 8 pages 563 KB)
The Christodora Experience | National Conference on Environmental Education, Buffalo, NY 9/29-10/2/10 | Reports from the Field: Staten Island Science Teachers' Association; Green Horizons; Youth Panel on Stargzr (book) | Book Buzz: "Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded—August 27, 1883" | EE Resources: Toyota Tapestry Grants; "Fields of Green: Restorying Culture, Environment, and Education" (book); Get Your Class Outside with The Gravestone Project! (GSA) | Interview with Yian-Kim (Debbie) Zhang--Crew Leader at Wave Hill's Forestry Project | Decomposition Timeline (lesson plan)
Fall 2009 Summer/Fall 2009 (PDF 8 pages 1 MB)
Operation Explore | Book Buzz: Legacy-Conserving New York State's Biodiversity | What's Happening in EE? - National Survey Focusing on Air Quality Shows EE Making a Difference; Do We Have an Environmentally Literate Citizenry? National Association for Interpretation National Workshop, Hartford, CT 11/18-21/2009 | Make Earth Day Everyday - Schools: Get Green and Stay Green! | EE Resources: "How Green is My Town?"; Ecological Impacts of Climate Change; Interpretation by Design (website & book!) | Summer Weeding | Civic Service Goes Green: MillionTreesNYC Stewardship Corps, planting 20,000 trees on 10/24/09
Summer 2009 Spring/Summer 2009 (PDF 8 pages 1.3 MB)
EEAC Members See Geothermal Green Energy in Action at General Theological Seminary | Kim Estes-Fradis Honored at Cooper Union | Make Earth Day Everyday: The New Buzz in NYC (urban beekeeping) | Be a Bee Watcher! Learn More about NYC's Native Bees | A New Age Dawning? | New York Recycles School Challenge 2009-2010 | EE Resources: "Riffle Fish - An Evolving Webumentary;" "An Audio Guide to Urban Birds: By Students, For Students;" "Brooklyn Revealed!" | Asian Longhorned Beetle awareness month (August)
Spring 2009 Winter/Spring 2009 (PDF 8 pages 584 KB)
Testing Waters Across the Globe | Arbor Day 2009 | City Kids Catch Fish in the Hudson | Book Buzz: "The Tree Book: For Kids and Their Grown-ups," "New York City Trees: A Field Guide for the Metropolitan Area," "Sky Tree: Seeing Science through Art" | Track Stories (lesson plan) | Student Highlight - Ravi Seujattan, Senior at High School for Environmental Studies | EE Resources: New NSTA Book Teaches the Science of Climate Change; Websites - Green Living; Green Schools; Heathy School Environments; GreenHomeNYC
Fall 2008 Fall/Winter 2008 (PDF 8 pages 857 KB)
EEAC Meets at the Queens Botanical Garden | In Memoriam-Joan Rosner | Make Earth Day Everyday: cleaning your home | Environmental Education through Literacy: The Lorax | Student Highlight - Natalie Garcia, Future Environmental Policy Maker | Book Buzz: "Mama" and "Wangari's Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa" by Jeanette Winter | Resources: Careers in Forestry & Natural Resources; Project Learning Tree and Earth & Sky Radio Show Presents: 2008 Forest Series; Valuable Learning Experiences at Science Centers and Museums; Grants, Activities, News on the National EE Week Site; International 5th World EE Congress 5/10-14/09; National Association for Interpretation 2009 National Conference 11/17-21/09; NYSOEA 2009 Conference 9/24-27/09
Summer 2008 Summer/Fall 2008 (PDF 8 pages 886 KB)
Greening Our Bluebelt | Make Earth Day Everyday: safer household products | Book Buzz -- Pale Male Redux: "Pale Male: Citizen Hawk of New York City;" "City Hawk: The Story of Pale Male;" "The Tale of Pale Male: A True Story" | Paper vs. Electronic: Making Choices and Taking Action | EE Resources: NYSOEA; "No Student Left Indoors: Creating a Field Guide to Your Schoolyard;" "Take a Cloud Walk;" Landscope America | Lesson Plan: Water Conservation Limbo
Spring 2008 Spring/Summer 2008 (PDF 8 pages 632 KB)
The New York City Waterfalls | Book Buzz: Louisa May and Mr. Thoreau's Flute; Eden's Outcasts | EE Resources: Project Webfoot; The Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners (NCEP); North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) | Recycle Relay (lesson plan) | Student Highlight - Waste in our City: East Williamsburg vs. Park Slope by Treasure Allen | American Nature Study Society 100th Year! at Poconos EE Center 7/18-19/2008 | Make Earth Day Everyday: How to invest in our environment
Winter/Spring 2008 Winter/Spring 2008 (PDF 8 pages 566 KB)
Teacher Environmental Education Preparation (TEEP) | SCONYC 31st Annual Conference 4/12/2008 | Book Buzz: Field Guide to the Natural World of New York City | EE in the News: School Grounds as Learning Resources; Learning Through Landscapes (U.K.); Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds (Canada) | Wild School Sites (Project WILD) | People Scavenger Hunt | Student Highlight: Regina Fojas | City Garden Club of New York Scholarships Available | Make Earth Day Everyday: "locavore" or "localvore"
Fall-Winter 2007 Fall/Winter 2007 (PDF 8 pages 481 KB)
From Mountaintop To Tap | Letter to the Editor: The Price of Environmental Success | EE in the News: One Million Trees project; Focus the Nation; Consumer Consequences, an online game | Make Earth Day Everyday: 6 tips for a sustainable holiday | Student Highlight - Angel Garcia Arcentales: Future Marine Biologist | An Environmental Transition: Change Is Good | The Science Barge, An Urban Farming Experience | Trout Markings (lesson plan)



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